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Exzadrian Van Williams, Ph.D., a Profile

December 30, 2016
Currently, Exzadrian Van Williams, Ph.D serves as manager of Proactive Assets & Realty, LLC. With nearly a quarter century of experience in several important real estate disciplines, including areas, including asset management, real estate investment and especially real property rehabilitation, Exzadrian has shown himself to be a great partner to have when someone is trying to figure out which multiple residential properties are in need of the most work to return them to the market as adequate and/or good quality housing.

Over the years, Exzadrian Williams has been able to perform that feat for a great many rental properties, ranging in size from 8 units to 300 units. He currently manages at least $10 million in real estate assets and he owns a number of them. His specialty lies in finding properties that are well situated in "up and coming" neighborhoods that are in need of a significant amount of rehabilitation to bring them back to life as desirable rental properties. Exzadrian prefers to work with what are often referred to as "blue properties," which refers to properties geared to blue collar workers and those individuals and families who want properties in the middle rental price range. The residents of these properties tend to be very stable, but they rely on finding housing that fits comfortably into what is often a limited budget. Exzadrian Williams has thus far been able to bring many different properties back to life and in excellent condition and to sell them for top dollar.